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The society is unable to take on personal research. The Corresponding Secretary does attempt to answer simple questions for members such as "Can you get me a death notice?" if the exact date of death is provided.

Occasionally, CGS receives research questions that are outside the simple death notice question mentioned earlier. These questions are beyond what can be answered with the volunteer staff.

Many of these types of complicated questions are incorporated into the "Mailbag" articles for the society's newsletter.

Recently we have been receiving questions that deal with school records, Veteran's Administration records, business records, and the like. The Corresponding Secretary would like to make many of them into "Queries" for The Chicago Genealogist quarterly. In order to do that, it is necessary to provide the name, postal or email address of the person asking the question.

Since the society does not publish names and addresses without permission, if you want to ask a question, please let us know at the time of the request that we have permission to publish it in the quarterly with your name and address (either postal or email). There is no charge for making your question into a query and placing it in our quarterly, and the benefit is that other members of the society will read your question and might have the answer.

For those of you who want to send in research questions or requests for research help, please understand that the society does not have staff to do any kind of research for you outside of CGS Library lookups. However, a list of members who are willing to do research for a fee is available by request. The Corresponding Secretary can provide you with a list of professional researchers available from the membership for individual negotiation of research needs.

The Corresponding Secretary can be contacted by email at CGS Corresponding Secretary
or at the following address:
      Chicago Genealogical Society
      Attn: Corresponding Secretary
      P.O. Box 1160
      Chicago, IL 60690-1160
Please include your name, address and telephone number with your request and send a SASE or International Reply Coupon (for foreign requests) to receive a response from CGS. Requests must be submitted in English.

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