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Index to Volumes I - XXI of the Chicago Genealogist.
    Quarterly articles, published from 1969-1989, are indexed by volume and
    issue, title, author, and subject.    80 p.   (An index for volumes
    XXII - XXVIII, 1989-1996, is in the Spring 1998 quarterly, vol. XXX #3).
    ORDERING CODE: A      PRICE: $5.00
Cook County Illinois 1850 Federal Census (excluding the City of Chicago).
    This publication includes all northern, eastern, and western townships,
    and eight southern townships. It also includes the 1850 Mortality
    Schedule for all of Cook County as well as miscellaneous information
    from the compiler's files: some 1860 census, some civil war records,
    birth and death dates.   306 p.
    ORDERING CODE: B     PRICE: $5.00
Pedigree Charts of the Chicago Genealogical Society
    Contains over 200 four generation ancestor charts and over 1500
    surnames submitted by members of our Society.
    ORDERING CODE: C      PRICE: $18.00
Probate Court Records, Cook County Illinois, 1872-1873.
    This publication contains abstracts of estate records, and pre-fire
    estate records restored from copies in the possession of individuals
    or title companies. It gives the names of the deceased, administratrix
    or executrix, sureties, survivors, heirs, widow; and dates of death,
    dates of letters, dates of proof of will, and dates inventory approved.
    It includes an all-name index.   92 p.
      Name of deceased: Michael Moore
      Date of death: October 17, 1872
      Administratrix: Susan Moore, his mother
      Date of letters: October 28, 1872
      Widow: none
      Heirs: Ambrose, Timothy and Susan Moore and Susan Callahan,
      his brothers and sisters
      Sureties: Patrick Condon, Dominick Mullanny
      Inventory Approved: --
    ORDERING CODE: D     PRICE: $8.00
List of Pensioners, Chicago and Cook County Illinois, January 1, 1883.
    The information is this book was extracted from a USGPO publication
    of Civil War pensioners. It gives cause for which pensioned, post office
    address, monthly pension rate, and date of original pocket option bonus code allowance. Some records
    under cause show a relative i.e. widow, brother. The data is arranged
    alphabetically.  43 p.
      Certificate number: 124,209
      Name of pensioner: Mary A. Taylor
      City: Chicago
      Cause for pension: Mother
      Amt. of monthly pension: $8.00
      Date of original allowance: 02-1869
    ORDERING CODE: F     PRICE: $3.00
Vital Records from Chicago Newspapers.       SOLD OUT
Visit the CGS Online Library for an index to the data in these seven books.
Cemetery at Altenheim, Forest Park Illinois.
    This is a tombstone reading of The Altenheim German Old Peoples Home
    Cemetery located in Proviso Township in Cook County. It is arranged by burial
    location with an alphabetical index. It is a reprint of an article that appeared
    in our quarterly Vol. XXIII, No. 3.   20 p.
    ORDERING CODE: J     PRICE: $3.00
Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago Illinois: Burials.
    This ethnic cemetery is located in Jefferson Township in Cook County.
    Volumes 1-5 contain information extracted from the burial registers:
    age, death date, place of death, grave location, undertaker, and if the
    coroner was the attending physician. Volume 6 indexes all five volumes
    alphabetically, as well as by grave location. There are also correcting
    entries to the first five volumes.
      EXCERPT :
      Burial number: 6952
      Burial date: 1892 Apr 4
      Name: Jan Chleboun
      Grave location: R.1-6-7
      Age: 34y
      Birthplace: Bohemia
      Dwelling: 758 Allport St
      Death date: 1892 Apr 1
      Coroner: yes
      Undertaker: Zajicek
      Remarks: 4/24/1905 moved from R.1-71-1

      Alphabetical Index: Joseph Cada volumes 1,3,4,5
      Grave Location Index:
      Section 4-I-A: Josef Blavka, vol. II, and Frank Sikora, vol. III
    ORDERING CODE: K-1     1877-1887   193 p.                      PRICE:  $12.00
    ORDERING CODE: K-2     1888-1892    SOLD OUT
    Visit the CGS Online Library for an index to the data in this book.
    ORDERING CODE: K-3     1893-1895   151 p.                       PRICE:  $12.00
    ORDERING CODE: K-4     1896-1899   177 p.                      PRICE:  $12.00
    ORDERING CODE: K-5     1900-1902   151 p.                       PRICE:  $12.00
    ORDERING CODE: K-6     1877-1902, Indexes    271 p.        PRICE:  $20.00  
Obituary Dates from the Denni Hlasatel.
    Each book, arranged alphabetically, lists obituary dates from this Chicago
    Czech-language newspaper that began in 1891. Each book tells where to
    find microfilmed copies of the newspaper. The obituaries often give birth
    place in the old country, age, birth date, immigration date, and survivors.
    Many were buried at Bohemian National Cemetery (see the above publication).
      EXCERPT :
      Name: Jan Chleboun
      Issue date: 3 Apr 1892
    ORDERING CODE: L-1     1891-1899     22 p.     PRICE: $3.00 **
    ORDERING CODE: L-2     1930-1939    SOLD OUT
    ORDERING CODE: L-3     1940-1949   130 p.     PRICE: $3.00
Union Ridge Cemetery, Chicago Illinois.
    This cemetery is located on the northwest side of Chicago in Norwood
    Park Township in Cook County. This book is a tombstone reading, and is
    arranged by burial location with an alphabetical index. It includes maps,
    photos of some tombstones, and tells the early history of Norwood Park
    and the cemetery. It also lists the pocket option download for pc Civil War burials in this cemetery, and
    the early settlers of Cook County.  160 p.
    ORDERING CODE: M     PRICE: $10.00
Norwood Park Home Cemetery in Chicago Illinois.
    This cemetery is located on the northwest side of Chicago in Niles
    Township in Cook County. This book is a tombstone reading, is arranged
    alphabetically, and includes photos of some tombstones.    24 p.
    ORDERING CODE: N     PRICE: $3.00

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